Thursday, March 20, 2014

Continuing Education and the Healing Arts

I think it is easy to dismiss the healing arts/modalities as not being a professional career.  I often laugh and say I finally achieved my Masters education!  The Universe always gives you what you want, but maybe not in the way you expect it! 

I have eagerly read my Spring 2014 Reiki News Magazine from cover to cover. (see below for information).  One could say, well, really, how much more can there be said about Reiki? 

You should hit yourself in the forehead if that thought comes to your mind! 

As we all evolve, our learning and understanding reaches new levels- which leads to yet another level of learning and understanding.  With the risk of sounding like the latest buzzword user, Reiki is enlightenment.  Enlightenment is never static.  It is not narrow minded, it is open and vast.  I loved Laurelle Shanit Gaia's article "How to Gain Confidence in Your Relationship with Reiki". It gave me an attitude adjustment- the logical, earthy, physical thinking part of me needed to be reminded how Reiki really works and my part in it.  Thank You Laurelle!

 Reading William Rand's interview with Hiroshi Doi and "Reiki Before Usui" article, gave me a solid reminder of the importance of continuing my education in Reiki from a professional perspective.  The interview reveals certain historical facts about Usui; about the development of Reiki so long believed to be true which are not. It is not about debunking Reiki, rather, the article clarifies and provides new revelations.  Credibility and reputation are essential to any business which is enhanced by keeping current on the latest facts and developments. The International Centre for Reiki Training, in my opinion, has worked extremely hard to develop Reiki and Reiki Practitioners in a credible and reputable manner.  As a teacher, I will now be updating my courses with the new information.

The beauty of Reiki is you can make use of its beautiful energy however you wish.  You may want to be opened up to Reiki just for your own pampering.  However, for all practitioners and teachers, who have not thought of "continuing education" in the traditional sense, I say go boldly and actively engage!

You can subscribe to the Reiki News Magazine via Vision Publications/International Centre for Reiki Training

Just for today, be happy!

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