Saturday, July 11, 2015

Holy Fire Reiki

(May 2015)

In May 2015, I decided to take my Usui Master Level Training for the second time.  I am so very grateful to have been able to do do this in Glastonbury, UK with 26 other people and William Rand as our instructor.

The above picture was taken of our class at Stonehenge in the evening of May 20, 2015.  We had just completed the second phase of the process to receive Holy Fire Reiki energy.  The reason I took my Master level course again was to first, be able to be attuned to the Holy Fire energy, and secondly, to take the class instructed by William Rand.  Above all, it has always been my dream to go to Stonehenge- it did not disappoint!

I made friends with amazing Reiki people from across the Globe.  In addition to the Reiki teachings, we had the opportunity to laugh, cry, learn about each other and how we incorporate Reiki in our lives.  I miss them daily! but thanks to the modern age we are able to communicate as often as we like!

I am in the process of updating all of my class and treatment information.  I will also be providing you with information on Holy Fire Reiki and what this means for certification and treatments.  Holy Fire has nothing to do with religion so you can rest your mind of that thought.  For those who have their Master's stay tuned as I am sure this is an energy you will want to have in your lives and practice.

In Harmony, Health and Happiness!  Power Up!


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