Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012

I have been off line for almost 9 months- as I have been birthing a new life!  .....
..........A new career, a new city, a new home, new friends!

As always, the concisous effort of keeping Reiki totally integrated has been .... well, I could write many posts about the challenges.  Perhaps "challenge" is the wrong word...I have to remember my own words and the teachings of Reiki- sometimes the simplicity of it makes us forget how truly powerful it is.  Effective too.  I would like to say I was in perfect harmony with Reiki through my transition, however- oh what a wicked distraction life is!

I look forward to getting caught up with the news from my most extraordinary Reiki Crystal Healing workshops, instructed by the very essence of mother earth herself- Laurel Shanti Gaia.  They were held in Silver Bay,  New York which was the location of the incredible Reiki Retreat hosted by the International Centre for Reiki Training.

I look forward to dusting off my Reiki table in my new home and getting my practice in full swing.

May the (Reiki) flow be with you!!!!

Love and all good things!


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