As always, the months seem to slip by after Christmas and then we find ourselves smack into spring which creates a whole new set of activities. 

I am going to just do a quick post today, but it was very clear to me that over the past few weeks (and possibly months!) I have been so busy that I have allowed my busy-ness to reduce how much Reiki I am doing and giving. 

It is a habit, really, to incorporate anything into your life.  We hear all the time it takes 21 days to integrate a habit (lose old ones, replace new ones).  I think we can slip if we do not keep up  the focus.

At a Reiki Residential School last August in New York, I asked a question that many had been asking- how do we bridge the gap between our daily lives and the spiritual side/Reiki work we are doing.  Laurelle Shanti Gaia, our very wise Reiki Master, advised that there is no separation- just incorporate it with everything!

When I look back at my life over the past few months, I can tell when the Reiki flowed and I was consciously integrating it into my life and when it did not! 

Happily, with Reiki, we never lose it and the more we use it the more powerful we can see the affects. It is simple to get back on track!

Whether you have Reiki Level I or many times over a Master, I encourage everyone to apply it to everything and in every segment of your day.

So, just for today, send Reiki out to everything, everyone one- when you shake hands, when you smile, standing for groceries, as you send emails, as you think of someone...let your imagination run wild!

Love, Light and Joy!



  1. Having felt a similar way over the past month or so (losing touch with my Reiki connection), I was really happy to find this post. "When I look back at my life over the past few months, I can tell when the Reiki flowed and I was consciously integrating it into my life and when it did not!" Particularly resonates with me, as I have been in the same boat as of late.

    I also live in the North Bay District and have found myself over the past couple of days stumbling across Reiki links in unexpected areas of my life. I know the energy is all around us, but I feel that the more out-of-tune I felt, the more I kept hearing new conversations about Reiki. When we need something, it presents itself, right?

    It is truly uplifting to learn about how many individuals in our area are practicing- I would have never known. I was lucky to have an excellent lunch with my Reiki Teacher today, and the experience really helped me to re-focus and relax. Of course, my animals are also great teachers of Reiki respect, and they have been helping me re-focus as well.

    So, I just wanted to say Thanks for continuing to spread the energy. Have a great season and best wishes!


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